Skilljoy is a limited company registered in the UK and was founded by Michael Curth in early 2017

The mission is to bring knowledge and management techniques to small to medium size enterprises, helping them improve their performance

For this purpose the founder and owner of the business, Michael Curth, is focusing on 3 aspects

  • Advise the boards of companies in the role of non-exec director (or in the case of charities as a trustee)

  • Provide senior executive coaching and mentoring services at the individual and corporate level

  • Offer management consultancy services in the areas of application development, system implementation, process improvement, and project management

The name of the company stands for the enjoyment the transfer of skills can bring to both, the recipient and the provider. Empowered individuals are more productive for the companies who employ them, and are happier in themselves, having gained an element of mastery and self-determination.