Flow Chart


Your business can profit from designing processes carefully and improving them once they are in place for a period of time. The focus is to eliminate waste – unnecessary loops, waiting, over or under-production, errors and their correction and more.

The business gains cycle time and profitability improvements which are demonstrable – the employees take ownership of their processes and gain new skills in the process.

Skilljoy’s BPI projects use a structured, modular and well proven approach which puts the participants of a process (the user) at the heart of the activity. This enables the following:

  • Users gain a full understanding of the process end-to-end

  • It becomes clear to all users where and why waste occurs

  • Users are becoming “empowered” when designing or improving their processes and take greater ownership

  • Users gain new skills (BPI methodology, Process Mapping, Value Chain Analysis, Risk Assessment, meaningful measurements and their analysis


The business receives a clear return on investment