The founder of Skilljoy, Michael Curth, has been a successful mentor to a diverse group of individuals in the work place over time. What he has found is:

  • Business finds it difficult at times to manage talent effectively, because of the many constraints it faces, like cost pressure

  • It is hard to take charge of your own development and career prospects – often you cannot rely on “the company” doing this for you

  • Company politics can be a real challenge, especially for introverts

  • Regarding key relationships (your direct manager, senior stakeholders) – having a neutral advisor and sounding board will help remove the barriers and transform the situation

The Skilljoy Approach

  • Creating a mentoring contract (agreeing objectives and scope)

  • Tailoring the mentoring approach to the needs and interest of the individual

  • Giving access to the mentor’s diary to enable quick and painless scheduling of mentoring sessions

  • Ownership. The Mentee is in charge to develop their personal growth

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