Globalization concept


Michael Curth initiated and coordinated significant outsourcing efforts in several markets in the past. The crucial elements of the Skilljoy approach to outsourcing even for small or medium sized companies works like this:

  • Finding the right partner. Skilljoy have extensive contacts in outsourcing markets such as India. Our decision making matrix provides the platform to minimise risk in assessing possible partners

  • Return on investment – the challenge is to balance “friction loss” caused through extended communication lines, cultural and language barriers as well as additional handover points with the financial benefit. Skill hoy has developed cost benefit models which are proven in the real world

  • Governance is key. Outsourcing works best in long term partnerships with shared objectives (e.g. for cycle time, quality targets, knowledge transfer). Governance is often undervalued. Skilljoy outsourcing governance covers joint long and medium term planning, managing organisational changes, and improving performance over time

  • Building one team – For outsourcing to be effective it is essential to overcome cultural hurdles (both organisational and personal), language and knowledge barriers, as well as geographical distance. The Skilljoy motto is: Spend time on integration. Invest in knowledge transfer. Above all – don’t ignore the “soft skills”. In the outsourcing game “soft skills” are truly “hard skills”