How to please your boss - Tuning in

Do we really have to "please" the boss? Maybe that sounds a bit strong or slightly weird - but surely we want to have the best possible working relationship irrespective of whether we like or rate our leaders?

The manner in which you project your messages, verbally and non-verbally, has a strong impact on how your boss will view you. Typical blunders are caused mainly by not tuning in. The key to success is to understand the style preferences of your boss and "flex" your own style to suit.

For instance, if your boss is analytical and quietly thoughtful, provide details and give him/her time to digest - don't put a person like this on the spot. A good option is usually to give the option of "returning to the subject later".

If your leader is action oriented, reduce the detail, expect quicker decisions and a certain amount of impatience - make sure you grab his/her attention quickly and make clear that you are in command of the details and you have thought things through.

Other, more general problems need to be overcome as well: Improper handshake, poor eye contact, inappropriate speech volume, hesitation/long pauses (especially on the phone) can easily be avoided, but it takes some effort:

a) the willingness to change

b) conscious awareness of your own demeanour

c) practice & feedback

Use a friend or good colleague to give you insight on the way you come across. Then practice, practice, practice. Eventually your behaviour will first appear natural and then become natural.

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