Where Schools go wrong with Digital

Attended a breakfast meeting at the local school today - topic "Closing the Digital Skills Gap". To be frank - the situation in the UK seems shocking to me. Frequent direction changes from the government is leading to chaos and confusion - people on the ground are doing their best, but are required to fight the good fight with 2 hands tied behind their back. It is imperative that we should do the following: - we need to teach more "transferable skills". Problem solving, analytical skills, understanding data, understanding business skills - technology will keep changing, these skills will last throughout one's career - we need to make the acquisition of digital skills a continuous process with a smooth transition from the simple to the complex - we need to address all the building blocks: User Experience, APIs, Databases, and Analytics It also came up in conversation that there is a misconception about the creative element in digital. After all, the first impression of an app is the interface - and that's where knowledge about graphic design, user experience design, Gestalt Theory and suchlike are vital elements.

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