Andy Waller

Head Strategic Partnerships Datamatics

I first worked with Michael more than 20 years ago, he became a mentor to me before I even knew the definition of the word. Michael challenged me, motivated me and made me laugh, often. If you are looking for the same, I highly recommend him, if you want your ego stroked than you should look elsewhere.

Prashant Singh

SVP Global Clients, Nielsen

In my 20 years of experience, there are some individuals, who’ve had a HUGE role to play in my growth. Michael Curth is in that very short list.

Michael is launching a coaching and mentoring practice, that I highly recommend for C-suite to middle management executives.

Filaretos Gliarmis

Assistant Director EY

A great coach and mentor, highly recommended! Michael is knowledgeable and passionate with his work with a proven record of successes.
Michael Curth has played a huge role for my professional growth. Skilljoy, is the ideal place for #professionalgrowth #coach #mentor #leadership.

Beatriz Pérez Íñiguez

Product Manager Nielsen

Michael has been the first mentor I’ve had. We met when I started to work in Product at Nielsen. What I enjoyed most working with Michael as a mentor was his creativity and outside the box thinking.
The mentoring relationship moved finally into coaching with Michael always asking the right questions for me to find the answers and challenge myself as much as I wanted.
Overall, Michael gave me the right guidance when needed and open up new topics or ideas to help me keep developing myself professionally but also personally. He was an excellent mentor and coach!


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